Somebody's Watching With Me (to paraphrase the 1980s pop banger) connects filmmakers, actors, writers and moviegoers in a time of social distancing.


What can you expect? Think: your brilliant friend’s movie club meets the most riveting film festival Q&A you've attended. 

While many of us are in self-isolation binging more movies than ever before, something is missing: being part of an audience! Moviegoing may seem like a private experience—you're sitting in the dark, after all—but the beauty of going to the cinema is that it's really collective. I'm talking about that shared buzz of excitement when the movie finally begins or the lively debates leaving the theatre. Those scenes that can make a group of total strangers laugh, cry or seethe with rage at the same time. 


Somebody's Watching With Me stems from those mutual joys—and those moments of frustrations!—that come from experiencing a film with someone else.


So, wait, what is it? The guests pick a movie, show, or any image-based media that they're currently watching in self-isolation. They jot down some thoughts on their picks and what it was like to watch it in isolation. Those written interviews live here.


Then, the fun part! I connect with the guest on IG Live for a Q&A to share thoughts on the movie and take your questions. If you miss that part, I know, that sucks—but that's the beauty of the ephemeral! 


Somebody's Watching With Me is the quarantine brainchild of Kiva Reardon, a film curator and writer.

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