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Vasan Bala is watching "Fight Club" - IG Live April 30 @ 1.30pm EST/10.30pm IST

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

What are you watching?

Fight Club, David Fincher, 1999

Why did you decide to watch or re-watch this movie now?

To know does the naive rage filled pop philosophy still holds true?

If this is a re-watch: describe watching the movie for the first time. How did this time compare to watching it for the first time?

The first time it felt like I have joined a cult, as if I have finally found articulation to my disoriented adulthood transition. The re-watch made LOL looking back at my feeling of enlightenment then. It became more than a movie when I watched it for the first time, so re-watching it is being amused by my younger self.

How you watch the movie this time?

On a PC on DVD. It didn't release theatrically in India then, so I watched it alone even in 1999.

Were there specific moments in the movie that made you think: "Dang, I wish somebody was watching this with me?

When Tyler and the Narrator were measuring up fictional opponents to fight and the Narrator says he'd fight Gandhi. I wanted my buddies to be around then. Any Indian references back then in a Hollywood movie needed an audience to acknowledge. Was a huge high for us even if then meant someone wanted to beat up Gandhi.

Tell us about yourself!

Vasan Bala is a filmmaker.

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